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Gabby’s Gold

2012 August 8
by Vickie Chachere

If you’ve been transfixed by Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas – and who doesn’t love that megawatt smile! – over the last couple of weeks, USF’s Bill Sutton, director of the new College of Business’ Sport and Entertainment Management program, says get ready for more Gabby after the games. Check out this story from Reuters in The Financial Post:

“We’re fickle, but right now she is absolutely the story,” Sutton, a former-vice president of marketing for the National Basketball Association and head of the sports and entertainment management program at the University of South Florida, told Reuters.

“Her athletic ability, her age, the event gymnastics, the number of people who watch gymnastics, the high women’s audience, the fact she is a role model for young women… She’s awesome, it’s perfect.”

Read the entire story here.

Photo credit: AP.

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