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Party On!

2012 August 30
by Vickie Chachere

Salon.com writer David Sirota has an interesting opinion piece today that takes a different look at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Sirota zoomed in a quote from USF St. Petersburg Political Science Professor Seth McKee on what viewers and voters might not realize about the party’s big party. He writes:

“If people knew that the money was being used to pay for liquor (and) parties … they would not be too pleased,” University of South Florida political expert Dr. Seth McKee told Tampa’s local NBC affiliate. Those expenses include “more than $250,000 for social media services, $150,000 for website services, $215,000 for travel, and $42,000 for meetings/catering/beverages.”

The report – actually on CBS’ Tampa  affiliate WTSP – interestingly points out that the parties are able to use the fund through the $1 taxpayers direct to political campaign funding on their tax returns.  Good to know.

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