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The “Verbal Tightrope”

2012 August 30
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by Vickie Chachere

The Washington Times takes an interesting look at the social media risks of convention speeches, turning to Wayne Garcia, a longtime Florida journalist and political consultant who now teaches journalism at USF. The Times writes:

“I think the speeches matter if they are stunning. If they are middling or terrible, I don’t think they make a whole lot of difference,” said Tampa, Fla., political consultant and writer Wayne Garcia, who teaches at the University of South Florida.

“For Mitt Romney, his speech is critical. He has the opportunity to change the narrative and get it off of his past and his wealth. It will either launch him into the next level and get him out of the swamp he is in, or he’ll fail miserably and get him into more trouble. But even if he has as a terrible speech, he’s not dead. He just has to work that much harder.”

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